Sunday, February 14, 2010


Ever since "crossing" over into a fraternity, I've found myself up and down all over Los Angeles County. From South Gate to Downey, Compton, Huntington Park and even South Central. I've been able to see every day life through a different lens. Not everyone shares a similar upbringing as myself, we all come different socioeconomic backgrounds. We have different political views, religious beliefs and even belong to different ethnic cultures. Some embrace it while others challenge it, but we're all a unique result of our upbringing and our very response to it.

I must say even though I choose not to partake in fraternity activities anymore as I've grown to be quite disilusioned and a bit jaded by the whole thing, I can't help but to be thankful for the doorway it has opened for me. From partying, to language spoken, music, food, culture and customs, I've seen a lot of shadier activities take place in my own back yard of northern Orange County. Don't belive eveything you hear or read, there are always to sides to every story. We all experience hardships and triumps, perhaps the greatest lesson learned is that we're all not quite as different as we would like to believe.

In conclusion here's a great song by group called "The Funkdoobiest" a early 90s Latino hip hop group from the city if South Gate. I'm very intrigued by small glimpses into the past of places that I frequent today. Funkdoobiest definitely holds it down right up there with other famous acts from the LA urban suburb including Cypress Hill and Mellow Man Ace.


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